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Volcanoes in Tanzania

6S 35.0E

February 1st, 2009 Category: Volcanoes

Volcanoes in Tanzania - January 27th, 2009

Volcanoes in Tanzania - January 27th, 2009

Several volcanoes occupy the territory between two lakes in this part of the Great Rift Valley, in northern Tanzania.

The lake located to the North is Lake Natron, a saline lake close to the Kenyan border. It is quite shallow, less than three meters (10 feet) deep, and varies in width depending on its water level.

The other lake, to the South, is named Lake Manyara. Like Lake Natron, its waters are quite shallow; however, unlike its northern neighbor, it is a fresh-water lake.

Gelai Volcano © USGS

Gelai Volcano

South of Lake Natron is the Gelai Volcano, which stands at 9,652ft (2,942m) tall and is located in Tanzania’s Crater Highlands region.

The volcano with a sharp cone to the southwest of the Gelai Volcano is called Ol Doinyo Lengai. It is unique among active volcanoes in that it produces natrocarbonatite lava, a unique occurrence of volcanic carbonatite, which means its lava is only 510 degrees Celsius (or 950 degrees Fahrenheit).

A few older extinct carbonatite volcanoes are located nearby. To the South, one appears to have a volcanic lake in the interior of its caldera, as there is a large black patch inside the crater.

source Wikipedia

2 Responses to “Volcanoes in Tanzania”

  1. 1

    I was wondering if there is any other data associated with these images like the incidence angle or which was used to collect it.

    Thanks, Lindsay

  2. 2

    Hello Lindsay, this is a product acquired by ESA/Envisat using the ASAR sensor (radar).
    Here below some product details:
    Product ASA_IMM_1PNPDE20090127_071326_000000372076_00006_36132_4033.N1
    Processing Stage N
    Reference Document PO-RS-MDA-GS-2009_08_4B
    Acquisition Station PDHS-E
    Processing Center PDHS-E
    Processing Time 27-JAN-2009 07:49:54.000000
    Software Version ASAR/4.07
    Sensing Start 27-JAN-2009 07:13:27.057952
    Sensing Stop 27-JAN-2009 07:14:01.620654
    Phase 2
    Cycle 76
    Relative Orbit 6
    Absolute Orbit 36132
    State Vector Time 27-JAN-2009 06:22:25.608605
    Delta UT1 +.385944 (s)
    X position -4172324.361 (m)
    Y position -5825109.262 (m)
    Z position -0000558.559 (m)
    X velocity -1321.422935 (m/s)
    Y velocity +0956.433230 (m/s)
    Z velocity +7377.414742 (m/s)
    Vector Source FP
    UTC STB time 26-JAN-2009 23:59:10.401518
    Satellite Binary Time +4291712512

    At present I don’t have the swath number and the polarization. Anyway, if you need those data, I can extract the information from the product.
    Cheers, Luca.

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