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Semarang and Nearby Stratovolcanoes, Indonesia

6.9S 110.4E

February 21st, 2012 Category: Volcanoes

Indonesia - January 7th, 2012

This APM image shows the city of Semarang, located on the northern coast of Java, Indonesia. The capital of the province of Central Java, it has an area of 305.17 km². The northern part of the city is built on the coastal plain while the southern parts are on higher ground.

Visible to the south of the city are numerous volcanic peaks. Four stratovolcanoes can be observed in a curved line due south of Semarang: (from top to bottom) the deeply eroded Mount Ungaran, Mount Telomoyo, the dormant Mount Merbabu and the active Mount Merapi. In the lower left quadrant are two active stratovolanoces: Mount Sundoro (left) and Mount Sumbing (right).

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