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Mount Fuji North of Izu Peninsula, Japan

34.9N 138.9E

February 25th, 2011 Category: Mountains, Volcanoes

Japan - January 17th, 2011

Mount Fuji, west of Tokyo, Japan, is visible in this image as a white, snow-capped peak high above the other nearby mountains. At 3,776.24 m (12,389 ft), the volcano is the highest mountain in Japan.

Visible to the south of Mount Fuji is the Izu peninsula, a large mountainous peninsula with deeply indented coasts to the west of Tokyo on the Pacific coast of the island of Honshū, Japan. The peninsula has an area of 1,421.24 km² and its estimated population in 2005 was 473,942 persons.

The southern portion of the peninsula is composed largely of breccia, and the central and northern portions consist of numerous highly eroded volcanos. The Amagi Mountain Range dominates the center of the peninsula with Mount Amagi (1406 m) and Mount Atami (773 m) in the east and Mount Daruma (982 m) in the west, with the eastern and western portions of the range extending underwater into Sagami Bay and Suruga Bay.

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