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Vegetation Index of Southeastern Australia During Summer

36.5S 142.9E

June 20th, 2012 Category: Vegetation Index

Australia - December 31st, 2011

This¬†FAPAR¬†image shows the vegetation index of parts of South Australia (upper left quadrant), New South Wales (upper right quadrant) and Tasmania (lower right quadrant) during the country’s summer season. The index is highest (green) by the southern coast and southeastern part of New South Wales and on the island of Tasmania. The terrain of South Australia and further inland in New South Wales shows a very low (light yellow) index.

2 Responses to “Vegetation Index of Southeastern Australia During Summer”

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    Sean O Mahony:

    Greetings – Re your vegetation index image of southeastern Austalia(June 20): This is midwinter in the temperate Southern Hemisphere, not Summer.

  2. 2

    Hello Sean, the post was published on June 20th while the image, as indicated just below the world map, was taken on December 31st, 2011. Thank you anyway for your help and keep following EOSnap ;)

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