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Vegetation Index of DRC and Neighbors Near Lake Victoria

2S 29.1E

March 25th, 2011 Category: Vegetation Index

DRC and Neighbors - March 23rd, 2011

The full version of this FAPAR image shows the vegetation index of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (left half of image) and of Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and Tanzania (top to bottom, right half).

Several lakes can be observed forming a chain across the middle of the image. These are (from top to bottom): Lake Albert and Lake Edward, on the DRC-Uganda border, Lake Kivu, on the DRC-Rwanda border, and Lake Tanganyika, on the DRC-Burundi border (full visible in full image; northern tip partially obscured by clouds in thumbnail). Visible to the east of these lakes is the significantly largerĀ Lake Victoria, in Uganda and Tanzania.

The vegetation index is highest (rusty red) to the west of the lakes, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Photosynthetic activity becomes progressively weaker – first green, indicating a good index, then yellow, indicating a low index – as one moves from west to east. It is also less strong to the north.

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