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Vegetation Index from Cap Vert to Bissagos Archipelago, West Africa

12.3N 15.8W

February 27th, 2012 Category: Vegetation Index

Gambia and Senegal - December 23rd, 2011

This FAPAR image shows the vegetation index of Senegal, the Gambia and Guinea-Bissau, along the western coast of Africa. The terrain shows a low vegetation index (light yellow) from Cap Vert (on the peninsula to the left) down to the Gambia River (flowing from near the center to the right edge).

From the Gambia River south to the Casamance River and into Guinea-Bissau, the vegetation index changes to good, as indicated by the green false-coloring. The islands of the Bissagos Archipelago also show a mostly good index of photosynthetic activity.

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