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Tropical Storm Tony (19L) Designated Post-Tropical

39.3N 22.2W

October 26th, 2012 Category: Tropical Storms

Track of Tropical Storm Tony (19L) – October 23rd, 2012

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Track of Tropical Storm Tony (19L) - October 25th, 2012 © Univ. of Wisconsin

Track of TS 19L

During the evening hours of October 19, the National Hurricane Center began monitoring a tropical wave interacting with a cold-core upper-level low across the Central Atlantic.

Moving northwestward, the disturbance was initially embedded within an environment characterized by strong wind shear and abnormally dry air. However, a decrease in wind shear the following day led to a subsequent organization in the overall cloud pattern of the system.

On October 22, the disturbance, now depicted with a well-defined area of low pressure and deep convection, the NHC noted that it now had a high chance of tropical cyclone formation within 48 hours. Following satellite intensity estimates from SAB and TAFB that afternoon, the NHC deemed the low sufficiently well-organized to declare it as a tropical depression, but noted that dissipation was expected by Day 5.

Slow organized continued the following day as Tropical Depression Nineteen moved northward in the response of an upper-level low to its west, and a multitude of data led to the upgrade of the tropical depression to Tropical Storm Tony at 0300 UTC on October 24. While slow organization occurred for the remainder of that day, a subsequent increase in wind shear during the pre-dawn hours of October 25 exposed the low-level center from the deepest convection. At 2100 UTC on October 25, the storm was designated post-tropical, at which time it was located southwest of the Azores Islands.

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