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Tropical Depression Maka (01C) Expected to Strengthen

16.6N 175.0E

August 18th, 2009 Category: Tropical Storms

Tropical Storm Maka - August 15th, 2009

Tropical Storm Maka - August 15th, 2009

Enhanced image

Enhanced image

Track of Maka - August 17th, 2009 © Univ. of Wisconsin

Track of Maka

Tropical Depression Maka (01C), located approximately 370 nautical miles east-southeast of Wake Island, has tracked northwestward at 3 knots over the past six hours.

Animated multispectral imagery shows that convection has recently started to flare over the eastern half of the system.

Nevertheless, the system was downgraded to tropical depression strength due to a lack of convection over a fully-exposed low level circulation center (LLCC) and declining Dvorak estimates.

Maka is tracking northwestward along the southern periphery of a low- to mid-level subtropical ridge anchored around 30N 160E and should start to gradually reintensify as it moves further away from the tropical upper tropospheric trough (Tutt) cell and into an environment of more favorable (less than 30 knots) vertical wind shear. Maximum significant wave height is 18 feet.

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