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Tropical Depression ARB 02 West of India

10.4N 62.1E

December 22nd, 2012 Category: Tropical Storms

Tropical Depression ARB 02 – December 21st, 2012

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Track of Tropical Depression ARB 02 - December 22nd, 2012 © Univ. of Wisconsin

Track of TD ARB 02

A low pressure area formed over the Arabian Sea near 7.3°N and 70.7°E on 19 December.

It slowly tracked westwards, organizing itslef and intensifying into a Depression by 1100 UTC of 22 December. Here, it can be seen west of the southern tip of India.

As of 1300 UTC, 22 December 2012, Depression ARB 02 was located near latitude 9.0°N and longitude 62.5°E, about 1150 km west-southwest of Aminidivi and 1000 km southeast of Socotra Island. The storm is forecast to intensify further and move westwards towards the Somalia coast in the next 72 hours. Maximum sustained winds are at 45 km/h (30 mph) gusting to 65 km/h (40 mph). Central pressure is estimated at 1004 hPa (mbar). Dvorak intensity of the storm is at T1.5

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