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Typhoon Nida (26W) Moves Slightly Northwestward

23.6N 134.2E

December 2nd, 2009 Category: Tropical Cyclones

Typhoon Nida (26W) - December 1st, 2009

Typhoon Nida (26W) - December 1st, 2009

Track of TY 26W - December 1st, 2009 © Univ. of Wisconsin

Track of TY 26W

Enhanced image

Enhanced image

Typhoon Nida (TY 26W), located approximately 315 nautical miles southwest of Iwo To, has tracked north-northwestward at 7 knots over the last six hours. A finger of the mid-level subtropical ridge located to the east has continued to steer the system westward. Maximum significant wave height is 26 feet.

Animated infrared satellite imagery shows weakening convection with an embedded center while animated water vapor imagery and an SSMIS micrwoave image indicate the deep convection has shifted somewhat to the east of the low level circulation center (LLCC), suggesting the system has moved into an environment of moderate vertical wind shear. Accordingly, Dvorak estimates have dropped to 55-65 knots.

Nida is still expected to continue tracking generally northwestward before recurving ahead of a quickly approaching mid-latitude trough currently digging north of China. Over the next two days the system will continue to weaken due to increasing vertical wind shear and dry air entrainment. By TAU 48 Nida will complete transition into a very weak extratropical cyclone and its energy will continue tracking northeastward into the mid-latitudes.

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