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Tropical Cyclone Bingiza (13S) by Madagascar

15.7S 46.6E

February 16th, 2011 Category: Tropical Cyclones

Tropical Cyclone Bingiza - February 10th, 2011

Enhanced image

Track of TC 13S

Early on February 9, the Météo-France (MFR) upgraded an area of low pressure into a Tropical Disturbance and designated it with ’05’. At the time it was reported to be 140 nm (260 km) north-northeast of Tromelin Island.

A few hours later, the MFR upgraded the disturbance into a tropical depression. The depression continued to intensify rapidly and on the same day, it became a Moderate Tropical Storm.

Soon afterwards, the Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC) started monitoring the system as Tropical Cyclone 13S. The main and enhanced images show the system on the 10th, when it had reached cyclone status. The animated imagery, on the other hand, shows the recent track of the storm, after weakening.

On February 11, the central pressure started increasing and the system gradually weakened. The next day, environmental conditions became very favourable for rapid strengthening, with no upper level wind shear and very good upper level divergence. The nearly-stationary system started intensifying again and became a Severe Tropical Storm, and soon a Tropical Cyclone, and then into an Intense Tropical Cyclone.

However, due to interaction with land mass, Bingiza weakened into a Tropical cyclone, late on February 13. Early on the next day, Bingiza made landfall over Saranambana, Madagascar and started weakening rapidly. As a result, the MFR downgraded it into an Overland Depression. As Bingiza neared land, rain and thundershowers hit Madagascar, with risk of the development isolated thunderstorms overnight.

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