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Hurricane Celia Weakens from Category 5 to Category 4

14.6N 111.7W

June 25th, 2010 Category: Tropical Cyclones

Hurricane Celia (04E) - June 20th, 2010

Hurricane Celia (04E) - June 20th, 2010

Enhanced image

Enhanced image

Track of Hurricane 04E - June 25th, 2010 © Univ. of Wisconsin

Track of Hurricane 04E

The center of Hurricane Celia (04E) has weakened slightly to a category four hurricane, and further weakening is expected. The center of the hurricane is located near latitude 13.8 North, longitude 118.1 West. This image shows the system a few days ago when it was closer to the coast of Mexico.

Celia is moving toward the west-northwest near 13 mph (20 km/hr), and this general motion is expected to continue with a decrease in forward speed during the next couple of days. Maximum sustained winds are near 150 mph (240 km/hr), with higher gusts.

Hurricane force winds extend outward up to 50 miles (85 km) from the center, and tropical storm force winds extend outward up to 140 miles (220 km). Estimated minimum central pressure is 935 mb (27.61 inches).

Celia is a category four hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson scale. The hurricane is approaching cooler sea surface temperatures, and weakening is expected during the next 48 hours.

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