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Eye of Tropical Cyclone Haruna (16S) Over Madagascar Coast

24.3S 44.2E

February 23rd, 2013 Category: Tropical Cyclones

Tropical Cyclone Haruna (16S) – February 22nd, 2013

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Track of Tropical Cyclone Haruna (16S) - February 22nd, 2013 © Univ. of Wisconsin

Track of TC 16S

Intense Tropical Cyclone Haruna (16S) made landfall over the south-west coast of Madagascar on 22 February as a powerful Category 2 Tropical Cyclone. Here, the eye can be seen hovering over the coast.

Before hitting Madagascar, Haruna vacillated for seven days in the Mozambique Channel, bringing above-normal rainfall to the western coast of Madagascar. More than 230% of normal rainfall was recorded between 10 and 20 February over the districts of Morombe and Taolagnaro.

Assessments of damage are not yet possible due to weather conditions. Local airports are still closed (which is impeding aerial assessments) and roads are still inaccessible, as Haruna is still active over southern Madagascar; however, reports of significant damage to houses, public buildings and infrastructure are being received.

Haruna is projected to weaken as it moves overland and exit south-western Madagascar on 23 February. As the south and south-western coasts of the country are not high-risk cyclone zones, prepositioned stock is very limited and humanitarian actors are reallocating non-food items from other areas. Only medicine; water, sanitation and health (WASH) supplies; non-food items and food meant for regular programs, was available in the affected areas.

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