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A Look Back at Hurricane Danielle (06L)

44.5N 58.8W

September 12th, 2010 Category: Tropical Cyclones

Hurricane Danielle (06L) - August 29th, 2010

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The name Danielle has been used for six tropical cyclones in the Atlantic Ocean. The 2010 storm, Hurricane Danielle (06L), lasted from August 21st to August 31st.

On August 19, an area of low pressure moved off the West coast of Africa. Moving through favorable conditions, it developed into Tropical Depression Six near the Cape Verde Islands on August 21, the first of the series of Cape Verde-type storms.

On August 22 the system attained tropical storm status, thus earning the name “Danielle”. The next day it attained hurricane status, becoming the second of the season and strengthened further to a Category 2 hurricane.

On August 24, Danielle suddenly weakened from a Category 2 hurricane to a Category 1 due to unexpected dry air intrusions and westerly shear. Later that day, Danielle briefly weakened to a tropical storm, before restrengthening into a Category 1 hurricane several hours later. Hours later, Danielle restrengthened into a Category 2 and developed an eye in the morning hours of August 26.

On August 27, Hurricane Danielle strengthened to a Category 3 hurricane, becoming the first major hurricane of the season, and further strengthened to a Category 4 hurricane shortly after. Danielle later weakened to a Category 3, then Category 2 hurricane, and later became a Category 1 Hurricane due to an eyewall replacement cycle, while avoiding land areas. As the storm was moving in a northerly manner, it was not expected to strengthen any more as it would be experiencing increasing wind shear and colder surface waters.

It became extratropical early on August 31 southeast of Newfoundland without having directly impacted land. It was fully absorbed by a larger extratropical low on September 4 over Greenland. One person drowned in a rip current related to the distant hurricane near Satellite Beach, Florida.

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