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Haze Over Hebei Near Bohai Sea, China

39.9N 116.4E

November 4th, 2011 Category: Clouds

China - October 30th, 2011

Clouds and a thick grey haze hang over eastern China, near the Bohai Sea (upper right). Most of the haze is concentrated over the province of Hebei and the Beijing and Tianjin Municipalities.

Most of central and southern Hebei lies within the North China Plain. The western part of Hebei rises into the Taihang Mountains (Taihang Shan), while the Yan Mountains (Yan Shan) run through northern Hebei, beyond which lie the grasslands of Inner Mongolia.

Hebei borders Bohai Sea on the east. The Hai He watershed covers most of the province’s central and southern parts, and the Luan He watershed covers the northeast. Hebei has a continental monsoon climate, with cold, dry winters, and hot, humid summers.