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Vatnajökull Glacier and Öskjuvatn Lake, Iceland

July 4th, 2009 Category: Lakes

Iceland - July 1st, 2009

Iceland - July 1st, 2009

This orthorectified ASAR (radar) image extends from the highlands of Iceland to a large, glacier-covered area. In the full image, the country’s steep southeastern coastline and ocean are also visible.

The smooth, dark grey area in the lower left quadrant is part of the Vatnajökull, the largest glacier in Iceland. It is located in the south-east of the island, covering more than 8% of the country. With a size of 8,100 km², it is the largest glacier in Europe in volume (3,100 km³) and the second largest in area.

North of the glacier, in the upper left quadrant, is a rounded form with a surface area of about 11 km²; this is the lake Öskjuvatn. With a depth of 220 m, it is the deepest lake in Iceland. The lake is situated in the crater of the volcano Askja. Like the neighbouring crater Víti, it was created by an enormous volcanic eruption in 1875.