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Mount Aniakchak and Ugashik Bay, Alaska, USA

57.5N 157.6W

September 17th, 2009 Category: Rivers, Volcanoes

Alaska, USA - August 30th, 2009

Alaska, USA - August 30th, 2009

This orthorectified image stretches from Ugashik Bay (above) to the 10km wide caldera of Mount Aniakchak (below). The volcano is located in the Aleutian Range of Alaska, USA, visible along the eastern coast here.

Ugashik Bay is a bay of the Bering Sea in Alaska. It is an elongated, comma-shaped estuary formed where the Ugashik River empties into Bristol Bay, on the western coast of the Alaska Peninsula.

Its waters are characteristically turbid and turbulent, the result of muddy feeder streams, frequent winds, and very high tides. Some Bristol Bay tides are thought to rank eighth highest in the world, and Ugashik Bay is greatly influenced by this tidal action.

The bay is bordered on the north by a sand beach stretching from Smoky Point on the west to the wide mouth of Dago Creek, on the east by a mud-and-sand shoreline running nearly true north-south past the village of Pilot Point to Muddy Point.

The southern shore is a shifting series of mud-and-sand ridges, the northernmost and most prominent of which is called South Spit.