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The Orinoco River Empyting into the Gulf of Paría Between Venezuela and Trinidad – October 28th, 2009

10.3N 62W

October 28th, 2009 Category: Image of the day, Rivers

Venezuela - September 29th, 2009

Venezuela - September 29th, 2009

Muddy brown sediments pour forth from the mouth of the Orinoco River, in Venezuela, into the Delta Amacuro and the Gulf of Paría, reaching north-northwestward towards the island of Trinidad (upper left).

The Gulf of Paria is a 7800 km2 (3000 square mile) shallow inland sea between the island of Trinidad (Republic of Trinidad and Tobago) and the east coast of Venezuela. This sheltered body of water is considered to be one of the best natural harbours on the Atlantic coast of the Americas.

The Gulf of Paria is a brackish water body – wet season salinities are below 23 ppt (parts per thousand). The extensive mangroves along the Venezuelan and Trinidad coastlines are important wildlife habitat and probably play a crucial role in regional fisheries. The Gulf itself is also an important fishery.