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Tamsui and Lanyang Rivers, Taiwan

25.0N 121.5E

January 6th, 2012 Category: Rivers

China- December 25th, 2011

Two rivers can be seen flowing across Taiwan in this APM image: the Tamsui River (upper left quadrant) and the Lanyang River (lower right quadrant). The latter flows through Yilan County for 73km. In the image, the populated areas of the county appear orange.

The Tamsui River flows through New Taipei City, Taoyuan County, Taipei City, and Hsinchu County and has a length of 159 km (99 mi) and a drainage area of 2,726 km2 (1,053 sq mi). Its source is at Pintian Mountain in Hsinchu County, and it empties into the Taiwan Strait. Populated areas near the river appear bright green, yellow and orange.

Tainan City on Coast of Taiwan, China

23.0N 120.1E

January 26th, 2011 Category: Sediments

China - January 17th, 2011

Tainan City and other nearby urban areas can be seen on the southwest coast of Taiwan. Tainan City is the fifth largest city on the island of Taiwan.

Tainan faces the Taiwan Strait in the west and south. Some greyish tan sediments can be seen near the shoreline, extending out into the strait.

Tropical Depression Huaning (06W)

July 14th, 2009 Category: Tropical Storms

Tropical Depression 06W - July 13th, 2009

Tropical Depression 06W - July 13th, 2009

enhanced image

enhanced image

Track TD 06W - July 13th, 2009 © Univ. of Wisconsin

Track TD 06W - July 13th, 2009

Tropical Depression Huaning (06W), located approximately 135 nautical miles south of Taipei, Taiwan, has tracked west-northwestward at 13 knots over the past 6 hours.

Animated multispectral and radar based imagery
indicates that TD 06W has made landfall in Taiwan and is tracking across southern Taiwan.

Increased convection has developed over the past 6 hours, mostly from terrain-enduced lifting as the system moves over the mountainous costal region of Taiwan.

Its northern and western rain bands are now spreading across Taiwan, while its southern rain bands are affecting extreme northern Luzon, particularly the Batanes Group of islands.

Moderate to heavy rains with winds, squalls and thunderstorms can be expected, with 1-day rainfall accumulations of 150 up to 250 mm along the storm’s rain bands.

Residents in low-lying areas and steep slopes must remain alert and seek evacuation for possible life-threatening flash floods, mudslides and landslides due to the anticipated heavy rains brought about by this system.

Current track speed will take the system into the Taiwan Strait within the next 12 hours, briefly causing an increase in intensity. This will be short-lived as the system moves into mainland China, quickly dissipating as it tracks over land.

Surface to mid-level ridging to the northeast of TD 06W is the primary steering influence and will cause the system to track more northward beyond TAU 12. Maximum significant wave height is 9 feet.

Taiwan and Remnants of Chan Hom (02W)

May 12th, 2009 Category: Tropical Cyclones

Remnants of 02W near Taiwan - May 12th, 2009

Remnants of 02W near Taiwan - May 12th, 2009

Detail of Taiwan

Detail of Taiwan

The island of Taiwan, off the coast of mainland China (left), is 394 kilometers (245 miles) long and 144 kilometers (89 miles) wide and consists of steep mountains covered by tropical and subtropical vegetation.

It is bound to the south by the South China Sea and the Luzon Strait, to the west by the Taiwan Strait, to the north by the East China Sea, and to the east by the Pacific Ocean.

East of Taiwan, in the Pacific, the spiralled shape of the remnants of Typhoon 02W (Chan Hom)  are visible. After being downgraded to a Tropical Depression yesterday, Chan Hom has since dissipated.

Plains and Mountains of Taiwan

February 15th, 2009 Category: Snapshots

Taiwan - February 12th, 2009

Taiwan - February 12th, 2009

Taiwan, ringed here by clouds, is an island located in East Asia  some 120 kilometers off the southeastern coast of mainland China, across the Taiwan Strait.

Part of mainland China is visible in the upper lefthand corner. The Taiwan Strait is mostly obscured by clouds.

It has an area of 35,801 km2 (13,822.8 sq mi) and consists of steep mountains covered by tropical and subtropical vegetation.

The contrast in Taiwan’s geographical features can be easily observed here: the eastern two-thirds of the island are covered by five rough mountain ranges, dark green in color, that run from the northern end to the southern end.

The western third, however, which appears light green and tan, is covered by flat to gently rolling plains. Most of Taiwan’s population lives in this flatter area.

source Wikipedia