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Haze Over Eastern Mediterranean from Egypt to Israel/Palestine Shoreline

31.0N 32.5E

January 25th, 2013 Category: Clouds, Rivers

Egypt – January 17th, 2013

A cloud of smoky haze hangs over the eastern Mediterranean Sea, from the edge of the Nile Delta and Suez Canal, in Egypt, past the coastline of the Sinai Peninsula, to the shores of Israel/Palestine. Inland, a stark contrast can be observed between the green of the Nile Delta and Nile River Valley, as well as the Faiyum Oasis (lower left), and the mostly desert terrain flanking the river and on the peninsula.

Dust Near Suez Canal Entrance, Egypt

30.7N 32.3E

January 8th, 2013 Category: Dust Storms

Egypt – January 6th, 2013

A plume of dust blows off the coast of Egypt, near the entrance to the Suez Canal. The dust plume, which is reddish-brown in color, extends due northeastward over the Mediterranean Sea. Visible to the west of the plume are the fertile green lands of the Nile Delta. Cairo can be seen at the base of the delta, in the lower left corner.

Haze Over Nile River Valley and Delta, Egypt

30.0N 31.2E

January 6th, 2013 Category: Lakes, Rivers

Egypt – January 3rd, 2013

Haze, possibly caused by fires, hangs over the Nile River Valley, Faiyum Oasis and the southern part of the Nile Delta. The city of Cairo, normally visible at the base of the delta, is completely obscured by the haze. Visible, however, are the Suez Canal, east of the delta, and Lake Moeris, on the northwestern edge of the Faiyum Oasis.

Cairo at Base of Nile Delta, Egypt

30.0N 31.2E

May 7th, 2012 Category: Lakes, Rivers

Egypt - May 6th, 2012

The city of Cairo can be observed at the base of the Nile Delta, appearing as a grey area. As the Nile River flows northward from the bottom of this is, it passes by the heart-shaped Faiyum Oasis and Lake Moeris (visible along the  northern border of the oasis), before opening into a large fan-shaped delta and spilling into the Mediterranean Sea. Visible to the east of the delta is the Suez Canal, connecting the Mediterranean to the Red Sea (lower right quadrant). The tan circular areas dotted across the green delta region are cities and towns.

Mediterranean Features by Turkey and Egypt

33.7N 29.7E

May 5th, 2012 Category: Lakes, Rivers

Turkey - April 28th, 2012

This image stretches from Turkey (above), across the Mediterranean Sea to Egypt (lower right) and Libya (lower left). The large islands in the Mediterranean are Cyprus (right) and Crete (left). North of Crete are many smaller Aegean Islands, belonging to both Turkey and Greece.

Other important bodies of water in the image include the Nile River and Nile Delta. Located just east of the delta is the Suez Canal, connecting the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea. To the north, in Turkey, are several lakes in the Turkish Lakes Region. The largest two are the bright turquoise Lake Eğirdir (left) and Lake Beyşehir (right). To their northeast is Lake Van, appearing as a bright white salt flat.