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Smoke Over Ethiopia and South Sudan – February 27th, 2013

11.9N 37.1E

February 27th, 2013 Category: Fires, Image of the day

Ethiopia – February 26th, 2013

Fires in Ethiopia and South Sudan release a cloud of smoke over the area. Several individual plumes of smoke can be individuated in the full image. The smoke does not blow northeast to Lake Tana, visible in the upper right quadrant, and also does not completely obscure some of the wetlands around the White Nile in South Sudan (lower left quadrant).

Fires in South Sudan and DRC – January 26th, 2013

8.3N 30.7E

January 26th, 2013 Category: Fires

South Sudan and DRC – January 12th, 2013

Smoke from numerous fires in South Sudan and the northeastern Democratic Republic of the Congo blows southwestward, contributing to a cloud of haze in the lower left quadrant. Another fire, separated from the cluster to the southwest, can be seen in South Sudan, east of the Jur River (also Sue River) and Sudd wetlands. About 485 kilometres (301 mi) long, the river flows north and northeast, joining the Bahr el Ghazal River on the western side of the Sudd wetlands.

Dust Storm Over Ethiopia and Neighboring Countries

12.1N 37.3E

February 28th, 2012 Category: Dust Storms

Dust Over Africa - February 27th, 2012

A thick cloud of dust blows over Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda and South Sudan, obscuring much of the land below. Some dust reaches the green Lake Tana, in Ethiopia, in the upper right quadrant. Parts of South Sudan, near the green Jur River near the image center, are dust free.

A dust storm (also called a sand storm) is a meteorological phenomenon that occurs frequently in arid and semi-arid regions. Dust storms arise when a strong winds blow loose sand and dirt particles off a dry surface. Particles are transported by saltation and suspension, causing soil to move from one place and be deposited in another. The Sahara and drylands around the Arabian peninsula are the main sources of airborne dust.

Border Area Between Sudan and South Sudan

10.3N 30.1E

October 3rd, 2011 Category: Rivers

Sudan - October 2nd, 2011

Running roughly through the center of this image is the border between Sudan and South Sudan, which gained independence from the former about three months ago, on the 9th of July, 2011. Visible in Sudan in the upper right corner is a section of the White Nile River.

The terrain of Sudan is generally flat plains, broken by several mountain ranges. The amount of rainfall increases towards the south. In the north there is the very dry Nubian Desert; in the south there are swamps and rainforest.

Habitats in South Sudan include grasslands, high-altitude plateaus and escarpments, wooded and grassy savannas, floodplains, and wetlands.