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Bridge Across Rend Lake, in Illinois, USA

38.1N 88.9W

January 21st, 2011 Category: Lakes

USA - December 26th, 2010

This ASAR image shows Rend Lake, a 13 mile- (20.9 km-) long, 3 mile- (4.8 km-) wide reservoir. It is located in southern Illinois, USA, in Franklin and Jefferson Counties near Benton. In the full image, Illinois Route 154 can be seen as a thin, light grey line bridging the lake horizontally, east-west.

The lake contains 18,900 acres (76 kmĀ²) of water, stores 185,000 acre feet (228,000,000 m3) of water, and supplies over 15 million gallons of water per day to 300,000 persons in over 60 communities.

The reservoir is up to 35 feet (10.7 m) deep, but its average depth is closer to 9.7 feet (3.0 m). Its elevation is 405 feet (123.4 m) above sea level.

Rend Lake is a reservoir, created when the United States Army Corps of Engineers dammed the Big Muddy River. The dam and lake were authorized in 1962, but the lake was not completely filled until March 1973.