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Qinhai Lake on Tibetan Plateau, China

36.9N 100.1E

December 16th, 2010 Category: Deserts, Lakes

China - December 10th, 2010

The large, greenish blue lake near the center of this image of China is Qinghai Lake. It is a saline lake situated in a depression of the Tibetan Plateau.

A second lake, shaped like a hook at its northern end, is a reservoir on the Yellow River created by the Laxiwa Dam, in Qinghai Province.

Multiple ridges of snow-capped mountains can be observed to the north of the two lakes. Upon opening the full image, rows of sand dunes in the Tengger Desert can also be observed.

Ships Around Port City of Qinhuangdao, China

39.9N 119.6E

August 26th, 2009 Category: Lakes, Rivers

Qinhuangdao, China - July 30th, 2009

Qinhuangdao, China - July 30th, 2009

Clusters of ships near the port city of Qinhuangdao, China, appear as bright white spots in the Bohai Sea, the innermost gulf of the Yellow Sea, in this orthorectified image. Qinhuangdao, about 300 km east of Beijing, is the chief port of Hebei province and the largest coal shipping port in the country.

The city itself has three main developed areas: Haigang District, Beidaihe and Shanhaiguan. The former, considered Qinhuangdao proper, is the harbor city and location of the Yan Shan University.  The latter, a popular tourist destination, is the site of the eastern end of the Great Wall.

The Tanghe River can be seen as a thin ribbon flowing through the city and empyting into the Bohai Sea. Further south, in the lower left quadrant, the wider Yinmahe River also meets its end at the shores of the sea.

Another body of water of note is the Yanghe Reservoir, west of Qinhuangdao. This lake, which appears dark black here, has a drainage area of 755 km2 and a total capacity of 358.6 million cubic meters of water.