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Flinders Ranges: South Australia’s Largest Mountains

31.4S 138.7E

June 25th, 2009 Category: Lakes, Snapshots

Australia - June 23rd, 2009

Australia - June 23rd, 2009

This swirled, almost paisley, brown design over Australia’s red terrain is actually a series of mountains known as the Flinders Ranges.

They are South Australia’s largest mountain range, situated approximately 400 km north of Adelaide. The discontinuous ranges stretch for over 430 km from Port Pirie to Lake Callabonna.

The interesting pattern visible from space was caused by sediments deposited in a large basin that the folded and faulted over time, creating the ranges. Today, these ranges are relatively low, due to erosion.

Two salt lakes, which are usually dry salt pans, are also visible near the ranges: Lake Torrens, to the west, and Lake Frome, to the east.