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Smoke from Balkan Fires West of Carpathian Mountains

42.3N 20.1E

September 19th, 2012 Category: Fires, Mountains

Europe – September 2nd, 2012

Smoke from fires in the Balkans blows northward over Europe. Visible to the east of the cloud of smoke is the distinctive green, backwards S-shape of the Carpathian Mountains, which run through the Czech Republic in the northwest, through Slovakia, Poland, Hungary and Ukraine, to Romania in the east and on to the Iron Gates on the River Danube between Romania and Serbia in the south.

Kaliningrad Between Curonian and Vistula Lagoons, Russia

54.7N 20.5E

April 24th, 2012 Category: Lakes

Russia - January 4th, 2012

Visible near the shoreline in this wide-swath ASAR image is Kaliningrad Oblast, an exclave of Russia surrounded by Lithuania, Poland, and the Baltic Sea. Notable geographical features include: the Curonian Lagoon (shared with Lithuania, above) and the Vistula Lagoon (shared with Poland, below). Visible inland between the two lagoons is Kaliningrad, the administrative center and major city of the oblast.

Vegetation Index of Europe from Denmark to Latvia

53.8N 15.7E

July 9th, 2011 Category: Vegetation Index

Denmark - July 7th, 2011

This FAPAR image shows the vegetation index of part of Europe, including areas of Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Kaliningrad (Russia), Lithuania and Latvia (counter-clockwise from upper left).

The index of photosynthetic activity is good (green) overall, with some areas of high activity (rusty red) in Lithuania and Latvia (upper right quadrant) and on the Danish islands (near left edge).

Eastern and Western Carpathians Crossing Eastern Europe

49.2N 21.6E

April 5th, 2011 Category: Lakes, Mountains

Eastern Europe - March 30th, 2011

This image includes parts of Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Ukraine and Romania (clockwise from bottom left). Lake Balaton, in Hungary, appears as a greenish body of water near the left edge in the lower half of the image.

Part of the arch of the Carpathians mountain range can be seen crossing the image. The visible sections of the range are mainly part of the Outer and Inner Western Carpathians (mostly along the border of Poland and Slovakia) and part of Outer and Inner Eastern Carpathians (here, stretching across Poland into Ukraine and Romania).

Ice on Bays of the Baltic Sea – April 2nd, 2011

57.3N 22.2E

April 2nd, 2011 Category: Image of the day

Baltic Sea - March 23rd, 2011

Snow dusts the terrain of Estonia (top right) and parts of Latvia (center), while most of Lithuania (lower right), Russia’s Kaliningrad Oblast and coastal Poland (bottom) are snow-free. Visible near the left edge is the island of Gotland, part of Sweden. It is the largest island in the Baltic Sea, with an area of 2,994 km².

Ice can be seen in the Gulf of Riga, a bay of the Baltic Sea between Latvia and Estonia with a maximum depth of 67 m. Ice is also present in the Curonian Lagoon, on the coast of Lithuania, and in a small section of the Vistula Lagoon, on the coast of Kaliningrad Oblast and Poland.