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Haze Over Northwestern Italy

44.8N 9.1E

April 17th, 2013 Category: Clouds, Sediments

Italy – April 17th, 2013

A haze hangs over the northwestern part of Italy, over the Po Valley and along the coast to the French border, also spilling over the Mediterranean Sea towards the island of Corsica. Visible on the other side of the Italian peninsula, in the Adriatic Sea, are green sediments and algae spilling forth from the mouth of the Po River.

Bologna at the Foot of the Apennine Mountains, Italy – January 4th, 2010

44.4N 11.3E

January 4th, 2010 Category: Image of the day

Italy - November 30th, 2009

Italy - November 30th, 2009

Bologna is the capital city of Emilia-Romagna, in the Po Valley (Pianura Padana in Italian) of Northern Italy. The city lies between the Po River and the Apennine Mountains, more specifically, between the Reno River and the Savena River.

This orthorectified image shows the contrast between the flat Po Valley and the crests of the Apennines. With regards to weather and temperature, Bologna experiences a humid subtropical climate (Köppen climate classification Cfa) characteristic of Northern Italy’s inland plains, with very hot summers and cold and humid winters.