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Mount Pico in Azores Archipelago

38.4N 28.3W

August 9th, 2011 Category: Volcanoes

Azores - July 25th, 2011

This orthorectified wide-swath ASAR image shows several of the nine volcanic islands that make up the Azores archipelago, an autonomous region of Portugal, located in the middle of the northern hemisphere of the Atlantic Ocean.

The thumbnail image shows São Jorge, the long, thin island in the center, surrounded by Graciosa, Terceira, Pico and Faial (clockwise from top). Upon opening the full image, the island of São Miguel can be observed near the right edge.

Of particular interest is Mount Pico, a stratovolcano and the highest point on Pico Island in the Azores. It reaches an altitude of 2,351 meters (7,713 ft) above sea level, which makes it the highest point in Portugal and also in the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Pico is more than twice the elevation of any other peak in the Azores.