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Sediments in Irrawaddy River Delta and Gulf of Martaban, Myanmar

16.1N 94.4E

November 16th, 2011 Category: Rivers, Sediments

Myanmar - November 8th, 2011

In southern Myanmar, sediments pour forth from the delta of the Irrawaddy River (left) and from the Gulf of Martaban (right), into the Andaman Sea. The delta begins about 93 kilometres (58 mi) above Hinthada (Henzada) and about 290 kilometres (180 mi) from its curved base, which faces the Andaman Sea.

The westernmost distributary of the delta is the Pathein (Bassein) River, while the easternmost stream is the Yangon River, on the left bank of which stands Myanmar’s capital city, Yangon (Rangoon). ┬áThe relief of the delta’s landscape is low but not flat.[20] The soils consist of fine silt, which is replenished continuously by fertile alluvium carried downstream by the river.