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Mount Sipan Stratovolcano North of Lake Van, Turkey – March 15th, 2010

38.6N 42.9E

March 15th, 2010 Category: Image of the day, Lakes, Volcanoes

Turkey - February 18th, 2010

Turkey - February 18th, 2010

Lake Van, the largest lake in Turkey, occupies most of this orthorectified image. It is a saline and soda lake, receiving water from numerous small streams that descend from the surrounding mountains. It is an endorheic lake (having no outlet), as the original outlet from the basin was blocked by an ancient volcanic eruption.

As a deep lake with no outlet, Lake Van has accumulated great amounts of sediment washed in from surrounding plains and valleys, and occasionally deposited as ash from eruptions of nearby volcanoes. This layer of sediment is estimated to be up to 400 metres (1,300 ft) thick in places, and has attracted climatologists and vulcanologists interested in drilling cores to examine the layered sediments.

One volcano visible near its shores is Mount Sipan (or Mount Süphan), a stratovolcano. Located immediately north of Lake Van, it is the second highest volcano in the Armenian Highlands, after Mount Ararat.