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Italy, from the Alps to Mount Etna – March 30th, 2012

42.7N 12.5E

March 30th, 2012 Category: Lakes, Mountains, Volcanoes

Italy - March 29th, 2012

Snow rests atop the peaks of the Alps, arching across northern Italy and its border with Switzerland, Germany and Austria. South of the mountains lies the valley of the River Po, home to important cities such as Milan (visible as a grey area in the full image), west of Lake Garda. Although the Apennines, the mountain chain that forms the backbone of the peninsula, are snow-free, some snow can be seen at the summit of Mount Etna, in Sicily.

Lakes Garda and Constance Near the Alps

45.4N 9.1E

March 26th, 2012 Category: Lakes, Mountains

Italy - December 26th, 2011

This wide-swath ASAR image shows the contours of the Alps, in northern Italy, as well as parts of Switzerland and Austria. Visible in the Po Valley south of the mountains is the city of Milan, appearing as a large, circular, white area.

Also visible near the foot of the mountains are several lakes: Lake Garda, in Italy, near the center of the image, and Lake Constance, shared by Germany, Switzerland and Austria, in the upper left corner. The Rhine River flows into Lake Constance from the south following the Austro-Swiss border.

Turin and Milan Near the Alps, Italy – February 22nd, 2012

45.4N 9.1E

February 22nd, 2012 Category: Image of the day, Mountains

Italy - February 2nd, 2012

This orthoctified wide-swath ASAR image shows the contours of the Alps, arching across northern Italy. The Alps is one of the great mountain range systems of Europe, stretching from Austria and Slovenia in the east through Italy, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Germany to France in the west.

Much of the southern edge of the Alps is clearly delimited by the basin of the River Po. Here the cities of Milan (center) and Turin (left) can be seen near the foot of the Alps, appearing as bright white areas in the Po Valley. Visible along the southern part of the valley is the beginning of the Apennines mountain chain. The boundary between the Apennines and the Alps is usually taken to be the Colle di Cadibona, at 435 m above sea level, above Savona on the Italian coast.

Plume of Smoke from Fires Near Genoa, Italy, Spreads Over Sea – September 9th, 2009

44.4N 8.9E

September 9th, 2009 Category: Fires, Image of the day

Italy fires - September 8th, 2009

Italy fires - September 8th, 2009

Close-up of fire

Close-up of fire

Widespreading fires near Genoa, Italy, have burned hundreds of hectares of forest and threatened several nearby homes. Here, a plume of smoke from the fires hooks southwest over the sea. The port city of Genoa is visible on the coast near the fire.

One fire that burned through the area between Nervi and Quarto was set by four people attempting to burn an unwanted heap of wood, while another around Apparizione was started by a sole individual.

Although the situation has improved over the last few days, the battle to put out the flames isn’t over yet. Several aircraft continue to dump seawater and flame-retardant liquids upon the fires that are still ongoing.

No evacuations have been ordered, although firefighters and volunteers are continuing to keep a close eye on critical areas where flames came close to homes overnight.

Also of note in this image, moving down the coastline from Genoa, are sediments spilling into the sea near the cities of La Spezia and Viareggio. Offshore, the large island of Corsica and the smaller island of Elba are visible in the lower right quadrant. Further inland, Lake Garda can be seen in the Alps at the top right, with the city of Milan to its southwest and the city of Turin further west.

Fog Below Italian Alps

March 2nd, 2009 Category: Rivers, Snapshots

Northern Italy - February 26th, 2009

Northern Italy - February 26th, 2009

The Italian Alps, curving from the top right to the bottom left, are covered by snow, as is the smaller Apennine Range, running southward from the bottom right quadrant.

The lowlands towards the center, between the two mountain ranges, where cities such as  Turin and Milan are located, are free of snow but coated with a light fog.

The River Po can be seen flowing through the center of these lowlands, and Lake Garda is visible to the right, just below the Alps.