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Convection from Tropical Cyclone Dumile (07S) Over La Reunion and Mauritius, East of Madagascar – January 5th, 2013

20.1S 50.8E

January 5th, 2013 Category: Image of the day, Tropical Storms

Tropical Storm 07S – January 3rd, 2013

Enhanced image

Track of Tropical Storm 07S - January 4th, 2013 © Univ. of Wisconsin

Track of TS 07S

Tropical Cyclone Dumile (07S), can be seen east of Madagascar here. Although convection from the system is covering the islands of Mauritius and La Reunion, it is barely reaching the coast of Madagascar.

The day this image was captured, the system was reported as having maximum sustained winds of 65 knots (120 kilometers per hour) and gusts up to 80 knots (150 kilometers per hour). The system is forecast to continue moving southward before accelerating toward the southeast, with gradually decreasing wind speeds.