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Wildfire West of Krasnoyarsk Reservoir, Russia

54.1N 99.2E

June 13th, 2012 Category: Fires

Mongolia and Russia – May 31st, 2012

Many bodies of water can be observed in this image. In the upper part is the Krasnoyarsk Reservoir, created by the dam of the same name on the Yenisey River, in Russia. The Krasnoyarsk dam has greatly affected the local climate. Before the dam was built, the Yenisey in that area was free from ice around 196 days per year. Now it is free from ice the entire year up to 300 to 400 km downstream. The huge amount of water stored in Krasnoyarskoye reservoir makes the local climate more warm and humid.

Also of interest near the reservoir, to its west, is a wildfire (best observed at the top left of the full image). Smoke from the fire is blowing in a straight line towards the southwest.

Visible in the lower half of the image are several lakes in Mongolia: the rounded Lake Uvs Nuur, Lake Khyargas (below the former), Lake Airag (the small green lake just below Lake Khyargas), and, near the bottom edge from right to left, Lakes Khar, Dörgön and Khar-Us.

Multiple Lakes Around the Sayan Mountains in Asia

49.8N 90.7E

October 26th, 2010 Category: Lakes, Mountains, Rivers

Russia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan and China - October 13th, 2010

The Sayan Mountains, capped in snow, have a central position in this image. Multiple lakes can be observed in the lowlands near the foot of the range.

In the upper right quadrant, in Russia, is the Krasnoyarskoye Reservoir, appearing as a thick dark blue line. The reservoir is located along the Yenisei River.

To the south, across the mountains near the center right, is Lake Uvs Nuur. It is situated on the border between Russia’s Tuva Republic (north) and Mongolia (south). Several other lakes can be seen further south, in Mongolia’s Great Lakes Depression.

In the lower left quadrant, the lake that appears as a long, thick, jagged line is Lake Zaysan, in Kazakhstan. To the east, is the brighter green Lake Ulungur, in China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.

City of Krasnoyarsk by Krasnoyarskoye Reservoir, Russia

55.2N 91.9E

October 11th, 2010 Category: Lakes, Rivers

Russia - August 29th, 2010

The Krasnoyarskoye Reservoir, on the Yenisei River in Russia, is one of the largest man-made lakes in Siberia. It is visible here as a thick navy blue line in a curved shape near the center of the image.

Upon opening the full image, many tan and brown fields can be seen by the northern part of the reservoir. The remainder of the surrounding land is mostly forested. The city of Krasnoyarsk is also visible on the banks of the Yenisei past the northern end of the reservoir.

Krasnoyarskoye Reservoir on the Yenisei River, Russia

55.1N 91.5E

August 12th, 2010 Category: Lakes, Rivers

Russia - July 17th, 2010

The long, thick, navy blue curved line through the center of this image is the Krasnoyarskoye Reservoir on the Yenisei River, in Russia. The reservoir is one of the largest man-made lakes of river origin in Siberia.

It is situated in Russia’s Krasnoyarsky District. In this image, taken in summer, the Siberian landscape is free of snow and has varying shades of green. The drainage basin of the reservoir covers three natural zones, forest, forest-steppe and steppe, located in the eastern part of the Sayan Altai mountain range. The forest areas are darker green, while the steppes are brownish in color.

Krasnoyarskoye Reservoir Covered With Winter Ice, Russia

56.0N 92.8E

March 24th, 2010 Category: Lakes, Mountains, Rivers

Russia - March 5th, 2010

Russia - March 5th, 2010

Krasnoyarskoye Reservoir, covered with ice and visible towards the image center, on the Enisei River is one of the largest man-made lakes of river origin in Russian Siberia. It is situated at a distance of 2,502 km from the Enisei mouth. The back- water from the dam extends for a distance of 386 km. The Krasnoyarskoye Reservoir is of the channel type and a long-term storage regulation.

The construction of the reservoir started in 1967 and its live storage was filled in 1970. The drainage basin of the reservoir covers three natural zones, forest, forest-steppe and steppe, located in the eastern part of the Sayan Altai mountain range.

The drainage network of the basin mainly consists of mountain rivers with narrow valleys, of which 35 enter Krasnoyarskoye Reservoir. The recharge water from the rivers is formed by melting snow and precipitation of summer- autumn period. The annual inflow to the reservoir changes from 60 to 120 km3 yr-1.

The water resources of the reservoir are used for electric power generation at the Krasnoyarsk hydro-electric power station (capacity 6x106kWh). Navigation and transportation are carried out on the reservoir and its main tributaries (Enisei, Tuba and Abakan) during the ice free period. Timber rafting, commercial fishing and recreation are also among important uses of the reservoir. Further, its water is used for irrigation in the steppe region of the basin.

The pollution of the reservoir is caused by the wastewater from mining industry and domestic sewage of the cities Abakan and Tchernogorsk. The projects to cope with the problems of lake shore erosion and water pollution are as follows: bank reinforcement, removal of floating and sinking timbers, sewage treatment, and filling shallow parts of the lake for agricultural development.