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Lake Hulun on the Hulun Buir Plain, China

48.9N 117.3E

June 8th, 2010 Category: Lakes, Rivers

China - June 2nd, 2010

China - June 2nd, 2010

Lake Hulun is a large lake in the Hulun Buir Plain, northern part of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, northern China, near the border with Mongolia.

The lake, which appears light green in this image, is fed by two rivers that rise in Mongolia: the Kerulen (Kelulun), which flows from the west, and the Orxon (Orshun), which flows from the south. The surface area of Lake Hulun has fluctuated considerably based on variations in the climate.

Lakes Hulun and Buir on the China-Mongolia Border

49.0N 117.4E

October 30th, 2009 Category: Lakes, Rivers

China - September 24th, 2009

China - September 24th, 2009

Lake Hulun, also known as Dalai nuur, is located in Inner Mongolia, China, just south of the border with Russia and east of the border with Mongolia. It is one of the five largest freshwater lakes in all of China, covering approximately 2,339 km².

Flowing across the high steppes of Mongolia into China and Lake Hulun is the Kherlen or Kerülen River, which has a total length of 1,254 km. Located nearby, to the southeast of Lake Hulun, is the smaller Lake Buir. The lake is on the China-Mongolia border and surrounded by the Hulun Buir grasslands.