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The Skagerrak Between Norway, Sweden and Denmark

58.2N 9.8E

November 14th, 2009 Category: Snapshots

Sweden and Denmark - September 29th, 2009

Sweden and Denmark - September 29th, 2009

The Skagerrak (left) is a strait running between Norway (left edge), the southwest coast of Sweden (above) and the Jutland peninsula of Denmark (below), connecting the North Sea and the Kattegat Sea area (below center), which leads to the Baltic Sea (right).

The Skagerrak is roughly triangular in shape, measuring 240 kilometers (149 mi) in length, and between 80 km (50 mi) and 140 km (87 mi) in width. It deepens toward the Norwegian coast, reaching over 700 metres at the Norwegian Trench.

The Skagerrak has a salinity of 30 practical salinity units. The volume available to biomass is about 3,600 square kilometers (1,390.0 sq mi), including a wide variety of habitats from the sandbanks to Sweden and Denmark to the deeps of the Norwegian trench.

Here, other than some sediments hugging the northwest coast of Denmark, the shores of the Skagerrak are mostly clear.

Wide-swath Image of Denmark and Northern Germany – October 3rd, 2009

56.9N 9.0E

October 3rd, 2009 Category: Image of the day, Lakes, Rivers

Denmark - August 29th, 2009

Denmark - August 29th, 2009

Hamburg, Germany

Hamburg, Germany

Danish coast

Danish coast

The main image here is an orthorectified wide-swath ASAR (radar) image of Denmark and northern Germany. The width of the swath is five times greater than that of a normal IMM image, making it possible to observe bigger areas.

One close-up focuses on the city of Hamburg, Germany, and the Elbe River flowing past it into the North Sea.

The other shows the Limfjord, a shallow sound in Denmark that separates the island of Vendsyssel-Thy from the rest of Jutland Peninsula. Approximately 180 kilometres long and of an irregular shape with several bays, narrowings, and islands, it extends from Thybor√łn Channel on the North Sea to Hals on the Kattegat.

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