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Vegetation Index of Arhem Land, in Australia’s Northern Territory

12.4S 130.8E

February 14th, 2010 Category: Vegetation Index

Australia - February 6th, 2010

Australia - February 6th, 2010

This FAPAR image portrays the vegetation index of parts of Australia’s Northern Territory, focusing on the region of Arhem Land. One of the five regions of the Northern Territory, Arhem Land is located in the north-eastern corner of the territory and is around 500km from the territory capital Darwin.

The region has an area of 97,000 kmĀ² which also covers the area of Kakadu National Park, and a population of 16,230. The area extends from Port Roper on the Gulf of Carpentaria around the coast to the East Alligator River where it adjoins Kakadu National Park.

The climate of Arnhem Land is tropical monsoon with a wet and dry season. Temperatures do not fluctuate widely throughout the year, though it can range from overnight lows of 15 degrees Celsius in the dry season (April to September) to daily highs of 33 degrees Celsius in the wet season (October to March).

In this image, taken during the wet season, the vegetation index appears highest closest to Darwin, in the upper left quadrant. As one moves southeastward, the index becomes lower, visible by the color change from red and dark green to yellow and white.