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Typhoon Choi-Wan (15W) Slows, Expected to Miss Japan

31.7N 140.6E

September 19th, 2009 Category: Tropical Cyclones

Typhoon Choi-Wan - September 19th, 2009

Typhoon Choi-Wan - September 19th, 2009

Enhanced image - September 19th, 2009

Enhanced image

Position of TY 15W - September 19th, 2009

Position of TY 15W

Track of Choi-Wan - September 19th, 2009 © Univ. of Wisconsin

Track of Choi-Wan

The maximum sustained winds of Typhoon Choi-Wan (15W) slowed to 140 kilometers per hour from 260 kph earlier this week (click here for previous articles) when it was designated as a Category 5 supertyphoon.

Choi-Wan, located 350 nautical miles south-southeast of Tokyo, Japan, has tracked northeastward at 22 knots over the past six hours. Maximum significant wave height is 32 feet.

The typhoon is forecast to continue weakening as it tracks in a northwesterly direction south of Tokyo tonight and early tomorrow. Choi-Wan is not expected to make landfall in Japan, although it has been causing heavy surf, hurricane-force winds and torrential, flooding rains for Japanese islands such as Iwo To.