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Plume of Dust Sweeping from Egypt Across Cyprus – April 10th, 2013

33.6N 32.8E

April 10th, 2013 Category: Dust Storms, Image of the day

Egypt – April 8th, 2013

A plume of dust sweeps over the coast of Egypt, veiling the Nile Delta and the Sinai Peninsula, and northwards over the Mediterranean Sea, over and past Cyprus to Turkey (visible at the top of the full image). Middle Eastern countries on the east coast of the sea, such as Israel, are also being affected. More frequent dust storms are a sign of desertification and climate change.

Dust Framing Eastern Shore of Mediterraean Sea

34.3N 33.0E

April 2nd, 2013 Category: Dust Storms

Eastern Mediterranean – April 1st, 2013

While the end of March saw a large dust storm blowing off the coast of Libya and over the Mediterranean (click here for previous image), the beginning of April saw a different thick dust plume covering the Mediterranean, this type from Egypt. Here, the dust can be seen blowing over the eastern part of the Nile Delta and the Sinai Peninsula before following the curve of the eastern shore of the Mediterranean, by countries such as Israel, Lebanon, Syria and Turkey, before being pushed back towards Egypt once again.

Dust Across Egypt, Israel and Mediterranean Sea – April 2nd, 2013

31.6N 33.9E

April 2nd, 2013 Category: Dust Storms, Image of the day

Egypt – April 1st, 2013

Dust storms swept from Egypt into Israel and across the Mediterranean Sea in early April. From late morning until evening, a high level of air pollution overtook much of Israel, with high concentrations of dust particles capable of passing into human respiratory tracts. The high levels of air pollution were the result of a deep low pressure system over the eastern Mediterranean Sea that brought strong winds and thereby dust and sand storms from Egypt into Israel.

Due to the high risk of airborne contamination, the Environmental Protection Ministry recommended that members of sensitive populations – such as heart and lung patients, the elderly, children and pregnant women – refrain from strenuous physical activities in the areas affected by the storm.


Haze Over Eastern Mediterranean from Egypt to Israel/Palestine Shoreline

31.0N 32.5E

January 25th, 2013 Category: Clouds, Rivers

Egypt – January 17th, 2013

A cloud of smoky haze hangs over the eastern Mediterranean Sea, from the edge of the Nile Delta and Suez Canal, in Egypt, past the coastline of the Sinai Peninsula, to the shores of Israel/Palestine. Inland, a stark contrast can be observed between the green of the Nile Delta and Nile River Valley, as well as the Faiyum Oasis (lower left), and the mostly desert terrain flanking the river and on the peninsula.

Dust Spreading from Persian Gulf to Caspian and Mediterranean Seas – May 11th, 2012

32.3N 39.4E

May 12th, 2012 Category: Dust Storms

Persian Gulf - May 11th, 2012

Dust spreads over Syria, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Jordan (clockwise from upper left). A thin veil of dust can be observed over the Persian Gulf, through which sediments from the Shatt al-Arab are partially visible. However, the dust is densest to the west, as it spreads over Syria and Jordan and towards Israel/Palestine and Lebanon. Some dust can even be spreading over the Mediterranean Sea (upper left quadrant), by the border with Turkey, and northwards over the Caspian Sea (upper right quadrant).