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Dust Plume Off Cape Monze, Pakistan

24.8N 67.0E

December 28th, 2012 Category: Dust Storms

India and Pakistan – December 25th, 2012

Haze, possibly a combination of smoke from agricultural fires in northern India as well as dust, hangs over the Indus River Valley in Pakistan. In the lower left corner, what appears to be a plume of dust blows southwestward off Cape Monze (also known as Cape Mount), near Karachi, and over the Arabian Sea.

Smoke Over Northwestern India Near Pakistan Border

28.1N 71.8E

November 23rd, 2012 Category: Fires

India – November 22nd, 2012

Smoke billowing out from fires in India hangs over much of the northern part of the country. Here, the smoke does not extend far over the Pakistan border, whereas previously it had blown westward over the Indus River Valley (click here for images of smoke over that area).

Smoke Over Northwestern India and Pakistan Clearing

29.2N 71.9E

November 21st, 2012 Category: Fires

India and Pakistan – November 19th, 2012

The smoke from agricultural fires in the state of Punjab, India, that has been blowing about the northern part of the country and into the neighboring nations of Pakistan and Bangladesh over the last few weeks (click here for previous images), appears to be clearing slightly. Here, northwestern India is only thinly veiled, and the Indus River Valley in Pakistan is no longer obscured by smoke.

Taklamakan Dust Settles, Indian Fires Rage On

31.7N 75.1E

November 17th, 2012 Category: Deserts, Dust Storms, Fires, Mountains

India and China – November 16th, 2012

While sand from a dust storm in the Taklamakan Desert (upper right, click here for previous images) appears to be settling, fires in northern India rage on  (more images here), releasing a thick cloud of smoke. Here, the smoke can be seen blowing along the foot of the Himalayas, west into Pakistan, and southwest down the Indus River Valley.

Smoke from Fires in India Blows Over Pakistan

30.0N 68.9E

November 16th, 2012 Category: Fires

Pakistan – November 15th, 2012

The agricultural fires blazing in northern India continue to release a thick cloud of smoke (click here for previous images) that has been carried west by strong winds. Here, it can be seen hovering over the Indus River Valley, in Pakistan.