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Thick Outflow of Sediments from Yangtze and Han Rivers

38.9N 120.0E

November 12th, 2009 Category: Rivers

China and South Korea - October 21st, 2009

China and South Korea - October 21st, 2009

Sediments line the northeast coast of China and the west coast of the Korean Peninsula, clouding the waters of the Bohai Sea (upper left quadrant) and framing the Shandong Peninsula.

In China, the greatest outflow is coming from the Yangtze River. These sediments spill into the East China Sea near Shanghai on the Yangtze River Delta, appearing concentrated and brown near the coast and spreading outwards in a still thick, greenish plume.

Across the sea by Korea, the discharge of sediments is strongest from the Han River in South Korea. The Han is a major river, formed by the confluence of the Namhan River (South Han River) and the Bukhan River (North Han River). The Han flows through Seoul and then merges with the Imjin River shortly before it flows into the Yellow Sea.

Sediments on Western Coast of Korean Peninsula – April 22nd, 2009

April 22nd, 2009 Category: Image of the day, Rivers

Korean Peninsula - April 17th, 2009

Korean Peninsula - April 17th, 2009

The Korean Peninsula in northeast Asia is surrounded by the Yellow Sea to the west, the East China Sea to the south, and the East Sea to the east.

The southern and western parts of the peninsula have well-developed plains, while the eastern and northern parts are mountainous.

Because the mountainous region is mostly on the eastern part of the peninsula, the main rivers tend to flow westwards. This can be observed here from the presence of sediments along the west coast of the peninsula, whereas the east coast is clear.

Important rivers running westward include the Amnok River (Yalu), the Cheong-cheongang, the Daedonggang, the Han River, the Geumgang, and the Yeongsangang.

These rivers have vast flood plains and provide an ideal environment for wet-rice cultivation.

In the full image, sediments can also be seen flowing into the Yellow Sea from the west. TheseĀ  most likely come from the mouth of the Yangtze River, near Shanghai.