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Gulf Country at Beginning of Dry Season, Australia

17.3S 139.5E

April 10th, 2012 Category: Sediments

Australia - April 9th, 2012

Several rivers can be seen by the shores of the Gulf of Carpentaria, in Australia. However, sediments can only be observed along the portion of the coast belonging to the Shire of Burke, south of Mornington Island. The land bordering the Gulf is generally flat and low-lying. The area to the south is known as the Gulf Country. This image was captured at the beginning of the region’s dry season, which lasts from about April until November and is characterized by very dry southeast to east winds, generated by migratory winter high pressure systems to the south.

Sun Glint by Shores of Gulf of Carpentaria, Australia

March 7th, 2012 Category: Rivers

Australia - December 30th, 2011

The waters of the Gulf of Carpentaria, by the Gulf Country region of the Australia state of Queensland, appear whitish in color due to sun glint. The glint is particularly strong in the series of bays by the coast, which appear bright silver in color. Stretching downward from the bays to the lower edge of the image is the Flinders River, also silver from glint.

Visible in the gulf in the left half of the image is Mornington Island, the northernmost and largest of 22 islands that form the Wellesley Islands group. The island is part of the Gulf Country Region. Its general topography is flat with the maximum elevation of 500 feet (150 metres). The island is fringed by mangrove forests and contains 10 estuaries.

Sediments from Flinders and Burke Rivers in Gulf of Carpinteria, Australia

17.4S 140.8E

May 8th, 2011 Category: Rivers, Sediments

Australia - May 2nd, 2011

Sediments line the southern coast of the Gulf of Carpinteria in Queensland, Australia, giving the waters a greenish tinge. Rivers such as the Flinders (right) and Burke (left) empty into this part of the gulf.

A cluster of islands can be observed in the southern reaches of the gulf: the South Wellesley Islands. The mainland shoreline, on the other hand, is known as Gulf Country. It is a region of woodland and savanna grassland surrounding the Gulf of Carpentaria.

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