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Haze Clinging to Slopes of Himalayas, India and Bangladesh

26.0N 85.2E

January 25th, 2013 Category: Clouds

India – January 11th, 2013

Haze clings to the southern slopes of the Himalayas in northern India and spreads southward over the Ganges River in Bangladesh. The tall peaks prevent it from blowing northward into Nepal and China. Likely caused by a combination of smoke and pollutants, the haze is a visible reminder of how air quality in both India and Bangladesh has emerged as a significant problem over the past ten years. Pollution in Calcutta, the third-most populous city in India, has increased by over 11.5 percent, while pollution in Bangalore has increased dramatically, by over 34 percent.

Haze Over Bangladesh and Bay of Bengal

22.5N 90.7E

January 23rd, 2013 Category: Climate Change, Clouds

Bangladesh – January 17th, 2013

Haze continues to hover over northern India and Bangladesh, blowing across the mouths of the Ganges River and over the Bay of Bengal. Such haze is common in winter, as temperature inversion keeps smoke from agricultural fires and urban and industrial pollutants near the ground, rather than rising higher into the atmosphere and dispersing.

Air quality has emerged as a significant problem for India and Bangladesh in the past decade. Studies have shown that between 2002 and 2010, levels of air pollution in large Indian cities increased faster than rapidly-growing Chinese cities, with many Indian cities recording double-digit increases in pollution.

Months After Onset of Fires, Smoke Continues to Plague India and Bangladesh – January 11th, 2013

22.2N 89.8E

January 11th, 2013 Category: Fires, Image of the day

Bangladesh – January 6th, 2013

Smoke from agricultural fires continues to plague northern India and its eastern neighbor, Bangladesh. Eosnap has been observing this thick cloud of smoke since late October, 2012 (click here for previous images). Here, the cloud obscures northeastern India and much of Bangladesh, although the mouths of the Ganges are partially visible below the image center.

Smoke Over Bay of Bengal, India

21.3N 88.3E

January 1st, 2013 Category: Fires

India and Bangladesh – December 28th, 2012

Smoke blows over northeastern India, near the border with Bangladesh, and over the Sundarbans mangrove forest and the mouths of the Ganges River. The smoke is thickest in the lower left quadrant, while distinctive streaks caused by air currents can be seen in the air near the river mouths over the Bay of Bengal.

Striped Patterns in Smoke Over Bay of Bengal

26.6N 88.3E

December 19th, 2012 Category: Fires, Rivers

Bangladesh – December 18th, 2012

As smoke blows southward, across the mouths of the Ganges River, in Bangladesh, and over the Bay of Bengal, it takes on a striped appearance. These rows of parallel lines are likely due to different wind speeds at different altitudes that stretch the smoke in lines along the wind direction.