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New York City on Long Island, USA

40.7N 73.1W

May 23rd, 2011 Category: Snapshots

USA - May 1st, 2011

The cities of Boston (northwest of the Cape Cod Peninsula at the right), Providence (west of the peninsula), and New York (on Long Island, in the bottom left corner) can all be viewed in this image of northeastern USA.

Long Island is both the longest and the largest island in the contiguous United States, extending extends 118 miles (190 km) eastward from New York Harbor to Montauk Point. It has a maximum north-to-south expanse of 23 miles (37 km) between the northern Long Island Sound coast and the southern Atlantic coast.

Boston, by Boston Harbor and Providence, by Narragansett Bay, USA

42.3N 71W

May 19th, 2011 Category: Snapshots

USA - May 2nd, 2011

The cities of Boston, Massachusetts and Province, Rhode Island can be viewed northwest and west, respectively, of the Cape Cod Peninsula.

Boston occupies the shores of Boston Harbor, by Massachusetts Bay, while Providence is located along Narragansett Bay.

Visible to the south of the Cape Cod Peninsula are two islands: Martha’s Vineyard (left) and Nantucket (right).

Sediments South of Cape Cod, USA

41.7N 70.3W

April 25th, 2011 Category: Snapshots

USA - April 15th, 2011

Greenish sediments tinge the waters south of Massachusetts, USA’s Cape Cod Peninsula, and pass between the islands of Martha’s Vineyard (left) and Nantucket (right).

The large island visible at the lower left corner is the eastern part of Long Island, part of New York State reaching eastward from Manhattan and containing two of the boroughs of New York City.


Snow on Cape Cod in Massachusetts, USA

41.7N 70.3W

February 5th, 2011 Category: Snapshots

USA - January 17th, 2011

White snow highlights the hooked shape of Cape Cod, a peninsula cape in the easternmost portion of the state of Massachusetts, in the Northeastern United States. The peninsula is now, in fact, an island, due to the construction of the Cape Cod Canal through its isthmus.

Visible to the south of the Cape are two islands: Martha’s Vineyard (left) and Nantucket (right). While some parts of the former are dusted with snow, the latter appears snow free.

Snow Covering the Northeastern USA

41.8N 72.3W

January 27th, 2011 Category: Snapshots

USA - January 15th, 2011

Snow covers much of the terrain of the northeastern United States of America. Here, it can be seen spreading across the states of New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine. Notable places dusted in snow include New York’s Long Island (lower left corner) and Cape Cod (hook-shaped peninsula to the right).

Although this image is from mid-January, this week another  storm caught much of the East Coast off guard with its ferocity, tearing through with lightning, thunder and mounds of wet snow, leaving nearly 300,000 customers around the nation’s capital without power Thursday and forcing people to shovel out all over again.

The forecast had called for up to a foot of snow in parts of the region but the storm brought far more in spots. New York got 19 inches, Philadelphia 17. Snow totals in the Washington area ranged from about 3 inches to nearly 7.