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Ben Gardane and Zarzis Near Djerba, Tunisia

33.5N 11.1E

July 30th, 2010 Category: Lakes

Tunisia - July 21st, 2010

Tunisia - July 21st, 2010

Several cities and towns can be seen near the coast of Tunisia. The most prominent is Ben Gardane (lower right quadrant), a coastal town in the eastern part of the country, close to the border with Libya.

The town is situated just south of the Bahiret el Bibane, a lagoon whose wetland is recognized internationally by the Ramsar Convention.

Another body of water, the Gulf of Boughrara, can be seen in the upper lefthand corner. The town of Zarzis is situated to its east, along the Mediterranean Coast, and the island of Djerba is situated to the north of the gulf.

Although the coastal areas visible in the thumbnail are mostly flat, the elevations to the south are higher, as can be seen upon opening the full version of this orthorectified image.