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Plume of Dust Near Amu Darya River

37.4N 66.2E

February 28th, 2013 Category: Dust Storms

Afghanistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan – February 28th, 2013

A plume of dust blows westward and then northward over the Amu Darya River, southeast of the Caspian Sea, in the border region of Afghanistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. Desertification has been a problem in this region, resulting in an increased frequency of dust storms.

Parallel Rows of Dust Over Arabian Sea – December 29th, 2012

23.8N 64.3E

December 29th, 2012 Category: Dust Storms, Image of the day

India and Pakistan – December 28th, 2012

Dust blows over Afghanistan (top center) and off the coasts of Iran (left) and Pakistan (right). Air currents cause it to form long, parallel rows rather than an indistinct cloud. The dust reaches far over the Arabian Sea, where it is then swept westwards towards the Arabian Peninsula.

Dust Storm Over Pakistan Appears to be Abating

28.0N 64.3E

June 11th, 2012 Category: Dust Storms, Rivers

Pakistan - June 9th, 2012

The extremely damaging dust storm that has been affecting Pakistan over the last few days (click here for previous images) appears to be abating. The veil of dust that previously obscured the view of the Indus River Valley (right) is now considerably more transparent. Also visible here is Pakistan’s Balochistan Plateau (center) and a dark orange desert inside Afghanistan (left).

Dust or Smoke in Clouds Over Arabian Sea

25.1N 61.8E

February 14th, 2012 Category: Clouds

Iran and Pakistan - February 8th, 2012


What may be dust or smoke intermixed with clouds (which tend to form around particles in the air) is visible off the coast of Iran (left) and Pakistan (right) in this image. In the close-up, ripples from air currents can be observed in the cloud.

Visible near the right edge is the Indus River flowing downwards from the Himalayas and into the Arabian Sea. Visible by the top edge in the upper left quadrant are desert dunes in the Kandahar Province of Afghanistan.

Dashti Margo Desert Region in Afghanistan

29.2N 64.1E

November 2nd, 2011 Category: Deserts, Rivers

Afghanistan and Pakistan - October 30th, 2011

The Helmand River can be seen crossing the arid Dashti Margo desert region in the southern provinces of Helmand and Nimruz in Afghanistan, in the upper part of this image. The Dashi Margo desert is adjacent to the Khash Desert and Registan Desert.

Its area is about 150,000 km2; the elevation is some 500–700 m. The desert consists mainly of sand masses and rocky-clayish plains with solonchaks, takirs, and rare oases. Visible east and south of the desert is a chain of mountains in Pakistan.