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Turkey’s Aegean Region and Nearby Greek Islands

36.1N 27.8E

December 5th, 2011 Category: Snapshots

Greece and Turkey - November 8th, 2011

Located on the western side of Anatolia, Turkey’s Aegean region has a fertile soil and a typically Mediterranean climate; with mild, wet winters and hot, dry summers. The broad, cultivated valley lowlands contain about half of the country’s richest farmlands.

Visible in the lower right quadrant is part of Turkey’s Mediterranean Region. Also, visible off the coast are some of the Aegean Islands, most of which belong to Greece. Of particular note are Lesbos, the largest island in the upper left quadrant and the third largest Greek island, with an area of 1,632 km2 (630 sq mi), and Rhodes, the largest island in the lower right quadrant and the argest of the Dodecanese islands of Greece, with an area of 1,400 km2 (541 sq mi).

Coastal Provinces of Turkey’s Aegean Region

37.5N 27.2E

December 14th, 2009 Category: Snapshots

Turkey - November 19th, 2009

Turkey - November 19th, 2009

The Aegean Region is one of the seven census-defined regions of Turkey. It is located in the west part of the country, bounded by Aegean Sea on the west. The region comprises eight provinces, three of which are visible along the coast here (from top to bottom): İzmir, Aydın and Muğla.

At 1,100 km (683 miles), Muğla’s coastline is the longest among the provinces of Turkey. Of note is the Datça Peninsula, visible here as a long and thin strip of land extending southwestward into the Aegean in the lower left quadrant. The landscape of the province consists of pot-shaped small plains surrounded by mountains, formed by depressions in the Neogene.

In Aydin Province, the central and western parts are fertile plains watered by the largest river in the Aegean region: the Büyük Menderes River, with the Aydın Mountains to the north and the Menteşe Mountains to the south.

Finally, İzmir has an area of 11,973 km2, and its coastline encloses the Gulf of İzmir. The main rivers of the province are Küçük Menderes river, Koca Çay (with Güzelhisar dam), and Bakır Çay.

Gulf of Izmir in Turkey’s Aegean Region

38.4N 27.1E

September 20th, 2009 Category: Snapshots

Turkey - August 31st, 2009

Turkey - August 31st, 2009

The Aegean Region is one of the seven census-defined regions of Turkey, composed of eight provinces. It is located in the west part of the country, bounded by Aegean sea on the west, the Marmara region on the north, the Mediterranean region on the south and southwest, and the Central Anatolia region on the east.

Inland, the region contains numerous mountain ridges interspersed by green valleys. The coast has various bays and natural harbors. Of note is the Gulf of İzmir, formerly known as the Gulf of Smyrna, identifiable here by its greenish color.

The gulf’s inlet is between the peninsula of Karaburun and the mainland area of Foça. It is 40 miles (32 km) in length by 20 miles (16 km) in breadth, with an excellent anchorage.

The city of Izmir, an important Turkish seaport, surrounds the end of this gulf. İzmir, historically Smyrna, is Turkey’s third most populous city and the country’s largest port after Istanbul. Here it can be identified as a greyish-tan area at the innermost part of the gulf, at the foot of two mountain ridges.