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Juruá River Running Through Amazon Rainforest, Brazil

7.6S 72.6W

April 25th, 2013 Category: Rivers

Brazil – April 25th, 2013

Some populated areas can be seen near the banks of rivers running through the Amazon Rainforest in the Brazilian states of Acre (below) and Amazonas (above). Near the left edge in the upper left quadrant is the municipality of Cruzeiro do Sul, on the banks of the Juruá River.

The Juruá is a southern affluent river of the Amazon River west of the Purus River, sharing with this the bottom of the immense inland Amazon depression, and having all the characteristics of the Purus as regards curvature, sluggishness and general features of the low, half-flooded forest country it traverses. It rises among the Ucayali highlands, and is navigable and unobstructed for a distance of 1133 miles (1823 km) above its junction with the Amazon. It has a total length of approximately 1500 miles (2414 km), and is one of the longest tributaries of the Amazon.

Smoke East of Andes, Over Peru

9.1S 72W

September 18th, 2012 Category: Fires

Peru – September 5th, 2012

Smoke from fires in Brazil, Bolivia and Paraguay blows westward to the Andes Mountains. Here, the smoke can be seen blowing over the Brazilian state of Acre and hovering over Peru, prevented from reaching the coast by the crests of the Andes.

Deforestation in Brazilian States of Acre and Rondônia, Near Bolivian Border

9.9S 67.8W

July 16th, 2012 Category: Deforestation

Bolivia and Brazil – July 13th, 2012

Upon opening the full image, the herringbone patterns of deforestation can be observed in the light green areas branching out amidst the dark green of the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil, near the border with Bolivia. Large areas of deforested land, often cleared to make room for cities and towns, can be seen in the state of Acre, particularly near the state capital of Rio Branco (top center), and the state of Rondônia (upper right).

Deforestation in Brazil and Bolivia

10.3S 67.3W

August 17th, 2011 Category: Deforestation

Brazil - August 12th, 2011

Deforestation is the removal of a forest or stand of trees where the land is thereafter converted to a nonforest use. Examples of deforestation include conversion of forestland to farms, ranches, or urban use.

Here, large areas of deforestation appear as tan stretches in northern Bolivia (lower right quadrant) and the Brazilian states of Acre (right of center) and Amazonas (upper right quadrant). While some areas of deforestation appear as fine, straight tan lines, other more curving tan lines are sediment-laden rivers crossing the Amazon Rainforest.


Amazon Rainforest Around Peru-Brazil Border

8.1S 70.7W

August 21st, 2010 Category: Mountains, Rivers

Peru and Brazil - August 5th, 2010

The image focuses on the border area between Peru (below) and the Brazilian state of Acre (above). The Peruvian territory reaches from the Pacific Coast, which is lined by thick white clouds, over the Andes Mountains, also partially cloud covered, and through part of the green Amazon Rainforest on the other side.

Continuing northeastward, one moves into Acre, which is covered mostly by the jungle of the Amazon Rainforest. The state is a well-known producer and exporter of rubber. The Acre River runs along the southern boundary of the state. Several other rivers can be seen in the upper part of this image, carrying tan sediments.