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Winter View of Sweden and Northern European Neighbors

58.5N 13.8E

March 30th, 2010 Category: Snapshots

Sweden and Denmark - March 5th, 2010

Sweden and Denmark - March 5th, 2010

This wintry view of northern Europe focuses on Sweden (completely visible in the full image, above) and also includes Denmark (lower left quadrant), as well as parts of Germany (south of Denmark), Poland (lower right quadrant) and Finland (upper right in the full image).

Most of Sweden has a temperate climate, despite its northern latitude. The country can be divided into three types of climate; the southernmost part has an oceanic climate, the central part has a humid continental climate and the northernmost part has a subarctic climate. However, Sweden is much warmer and drier than other places at a similar latitude, and even somewhat further south, mainly because of the Gulf Stream.

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