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Wilkins Ice Shelf and surroundings, Antarctica

December 26th, 2008 Category: Snapshots

Wilkins Ice Shelf and surroundings, Antartica - December 13th, 2008

Wilkins Ice Shelf and surroundings, Antartica - December 13th, 2008

Close-up of Latady Island

Close-up of Latady Island

Arm of ice connecting Charcot Island and Alexander Island

Detail of Ice Bridge

The Wilkins Ice Shelf connects several islands in Wilkins Sound, Antartica, including Alexander Island (right), Latady Island (bottom) and Charcot Island (left).

Latady Island is a low ice-covered island, 35 miles long and more than 10 miles wide, with an area of 3,300 km². It lies 45 miles south of Charcot Island and west of Alexander Island.

Alexander Island, Antartica’s largest, is connected to Charcot Island, a nunatak, by an arm of ice. Many icebergs can be seen breaking off the sides of the island, particularly above the arm.

Close-up of peninsula and Sofia University Mountains

Close-up of island

To compare the position and size of these icebergs to an image from an earlier date, please click here.

Finally, a small island is visible to the North, just below the Sofia University Mountains, a cluster of four small mountains in north-western Alexander Island, 21 km long in the northeast-southwest direction and 13 km wide.

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