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The City of Yazd Between Mountain Ranges, Iran

31.8N 54.3E

December 24th, 2009 Category: Snapshots

Iran - December 14th, 2009

Iran - December 14th, 2009

This orthorectified image shows the city of Yazd, the capital of Yazd province in Iran, and a centre of Zoroastrian culture. The city, with an area of 131,551km², is situated in an oasis where the Dasht-e Kavir desert and the Dasht-e Lut desert meet. This oasis is located in a valley between Shir Kuh, the tallest mountain in the region at 4075 m above sea level, and Kharaneq. The city itself is located at 1203 m. above sea-level.

Yazd province contains three mountain chains: the Southern and Southwestern Mountains, the Eastern Mountains and the Northeastern Mountains. The first is the widest of all the groups of mountains; the most important peak is Shir Kuh. The highest peaks in the Eastern Mountains, located in east of the province,  are Bon Lokht (3002m) and Bajegan (2879m).

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