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Talampaya National Park, Argentina

June 17th, 2009 Category: Snapshots

Chile and Argentina - June 9th, 2009

Chile and Argentina - June 9th, 2009

The Andes Mountains cut through this image, marking the border between Chile (left) and Argentina (right).

Near the center there is patch of land with a reddish hue; this is part of the Talampaya National Park in the center-east of La Rioja Province, Argentina. The park covers an area of 2,150 km², at an altitude of 1,500 m above mean sea level.

The park is in a basin between the Cerro Los Colorados to the west and the Sierra de Sañagasta to the east. The landscape is the result of erosion by water and wind in a desert climate, with large ranges in temperature – high heat by day and low temperature at night, with torrential rain in summer and strong wind in spring.

Talampaya contains important geological formations such as canyons with vertical red sandstone walls some 150m high, formed by the now-dry Talampaya River, and other strange formations sculpted into sandstone by erosion.

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